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Welcome to our new blog! We will be posting health and wellness tips and articles on the ailments we treat as Physical Therapists. Wee excited to have you here. Check back on the 10th and 20th of every month for great new content! We LOVE Physical Therapy and helping people take the fast track to better health! Like what you hear? Look at this example of what you can expect to find on our blog: I really like fresh ground pepper, so a pepper grinder Is essential. Twist the handle back and forth a few times and out comes freshly ground pepper, enhancing the release of that flavorful goodness. Twist your spine like that, and out comes freshly ground spine parts, enhancing the release of moans and groans. Early in the last century, F.M. Alexander, father of the “Alexander Technique” for postural rehabilitation, succinctly summarized the proper use of the spine: “The spine is not a hinge!” It’s all too easy to twist and bend the spine, keeping the feet and legs straight. It’s only when you finally add the figurative last straw, when you make that fateful movement that causes your back or neck to scream at you that the full weight of Alexander’s observation crashes down on you. Fear not, brave soul! I have a simple, easy to remember rhyme that will help you reduce your proclivity toward excessive spinal twisting: “Keep the nose and toes pointing In the same direction”, or more simply: “Nose and toes”. So, when seated or standing, keep your nose and toes pointed in the same direction while putting clothes on or dishes away, while reaching for the telephone, while picking up bags of groceries. If you make this change in your daily habits, first you will be stunned at the number of times you violate the “noseand toes” rule. Later, you will be impressed at the decrease in muscular tightness (which becomes pain eventually) you experience. Think “nose and toes” and the only thing you’ll grind is the pepper. -Mike Jones, MSPT Therapist @ our Holland Office
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