Taking The Time: Your Therapist and you!

October is National Physical Therapy Month, so what makes Comprehensive Physical Therapy
so special and any different than ABC Physical Therapy down the road? As someone who has
had Physical Therapy a number of times since | was 13 at a variety of places, there are so
many things that makes Comprehensive Physical Therapy a great place for PT and a great
place to work.

When | went to ABC Physical Therapy at 13 years old they would often leave me for periods of
time to do exercises unassisted. This is a HUGE no no in PT, especially for a 13 year old child
who doesn’t know how to properly do the exercises. | came to PT at CPTC for the first time as
an adult and was blown away at how different the atmosphere at CPTC was. You could tell
from the minute you walked in the door they truly cared about their patients. They spent 45
minutes to an hour with me, which didn’t happen at ABC therapy. Really today it is unheard of
as reimbursement goes down and demand goes up. They remembered personal things
about me, were truly invested in my therapy and getting better, | could go on and on about
what made CPTC different.

Shortly after being a patient for the first time | was hired as a receptionist. Never did | think
this would become my career. | have been an employee of CPTC for 5 years and am now the
Front Office Manager. CPTC is truly my second family, we are invested in each others lives.
There have been times where an emergency came up and | had to bring my kids to work with
me. Things that would never happen at a large corporation. Most importantly through
working at CPTC you can see how much everyone truly cares about the patients. From our
owner Rumana, down to our front desk staff. We invest in our patients lives, we know about
their families, we know about the pain they are in and do everything in our power to get them
on the road of recovery, but most importantly we celebrate their personal victories with

So when your Dr suggests physical therapy, consider Comprehensive Physical Therapy for
your therapy needs because | guarantee it won’t be a decision you regret! If you’re a current
patient, next time you see your therapist say “THANK YOU” for all of the hard work in
dedication that put into their career to help people like you and me get our lives back!

  • Laurel Peacock, Front Office Manager @ Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center