Take charge of your own health destiny

Over the decades I have experienced shoulder and back injury and pain from everyday living and osteoarthritis. Sometimes these things get better on their own, but other times more intervention is needed. I have benefitted from the treatment plan of the physical therapists here at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center. Sometimes years go by, and I need no intervention from the center. However, over the past 3 decades, I have regained my back and shoulder health from the care I have received during at least 3 different periods of my life. The physical therapists are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful. They design exercises to fit the individual. Their stretching techniques and wealth of home exercises are a recipe for success. If I come to a treatment appointment with a new ache or concern, they have more ideas to help me overcome the problem. They can also adjust the exercises to help each person gain their mobility back. The MedX machines are wonderful because they target muscle areas of the body I cannot target with home exercises. The weights can be adjusted to fit the progress of each patient. It is wonderful to see on the computer screen the individual gains made from my efforts. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do the exercises they show you at home on a daily basis. It is just a matter of habit or getting into a routine of taking care of yourself. This is not a huge time commitment. We all have busy lives, but not too busy to take care of the only physical body we will ever have here on earth! I saw steady progress when I applied the exercises at home, as well as doing them at the center. I hope to continue and achieve and have lots of energy well into my elderly years. With the knowledge and exercises I have learned from the Center, I am able to keep this goal. I would encourage anyone experiencing back, shoulder, hip, or knee pain, to make an appointment and be assessed. This is a wonderful clinic and they truly care about their patients. Over the years, I have sung the praises of this place to many people. All the people who have worked with me at this office are highly competent and professional. It must be rewarding for them to help people get well again! I know it is wonderful for me, the patient, to feel physically healthy again!

  • Jean S, Patient @ our East Beltline location