Receptionist Ninjas: Multi-Tasking Masters

Did you know that our Front Desk Staff has one title but multiple jobs?
Did you know that beyond warmly greeting you when coming into our offices they efficiently
answer multiple phone lines, set up your appointments to fit your schedule along with
making sure you are being treated the correct number of times each week, call each patient’s
insurance to verify benefits, and file mountains of papers for our billing department? They
sure do rock those receptionist duties!

Did you know that they are the first staff members in the office each morning and the last
‘ones in the evening? They are there each morning unlocking doors and turning on lights to
begin our wonderful days. Then at the end of each day they are making sure our offices are
powered down and locked up for the night. That can definitely make for a very long day!

Did you know a few of our clinics that offer you that hot cup of coffee while at your visit is
made every morning by them? it may end up being the only cup you need and keep you up
all day, but at least it is fresh!

Did you know that they are also housekeepers? They help sanitize each treatment room,
launder all the towels and pillowcases, vacuum our gyms, hand wash dishes, and keep our
waiting rooms clean. Don’t we all want someone lke that at home? ©

Did you know they leave their ‘posts’ to assist our wonderful therapist with your treatment?
During that 7 minute ultrasound of heaven they are giving you not only will they converse
with you about your treatment but they become story tellers and share exciting life
experiences. That is a two for one deal!

Did you know that they are great with a snow shovel? During our dreaded Michigan winters
they are out there keeping our sidewalks and entrances cleared of snow. One of them has
gone out in the freezing weather to scrape off ice and snow from patients vehicles for them to
be able to just jump into their cars after treatment and go. You sure won’t find that kind of
service anywhere else!

From your first appointment with us to your last visit our Front Desk Staff will not only make
each visit friendly and reassuring that you are getting the best physical therapy with us, but
they will amaze you with their multi-tasking – ninja capabilities!

Melissa Lynn, Accounting Specialist at the Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center