Physical Therapy: Its for childeren too!

Did you know that children can benefit from physical therapy too? Our team of physical therapists and physical therapists assistants can help your child improve or restore their functional abilities and gain independence at all ages and developmental stages. Treatments focus on improving muscle strength and range of motion, gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and functional mobility and/or walking. There are several reasons that a child may need to be seen for physical therapy. They include: – gross motor delay – balance/coordination deficits – obesity/poor endurance – youth athlete rehabilitation/sports injuries – torticollis – kinesiotaping – cerebral palsy or other congenital disorders It is important to understand that children are not just little adults and that their bodies are still developing and changing. Our therapists have an understanding and knowledge of appropriate treatment plans and protocols for children and will tailor their treatment specifically to the needs of each child. You can expect a comprehensive evaluation of your child and thorough treatment plans that address specific goals. Treatments typically last 45 minutes and we ask that they wear loose, comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. Talk to you pediatrician if you notice any of the following items to determine if physical therapy could benefit your child. – not meetinggross motor milestones • toe walking (after independent walking for approximately 2 months) • pigeon toed (toes turn in) • frequent tripping or falling – pain in feet, ankles, knees, or hips – infants who prefer only to look to the left or the right or persistent head tilt – flattened spot on the back of the head •Kea Avenll, PTA @ our 3 Mile Office
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