Lets Meet Brab!

Hi there! My name is Barb Mirandette, and I have been practicing physical therapy for 32 years. I have learned through the years that this career goes far beyond treating a patient’s physical condition. It involves a patient relationship that encompasses their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. For this reason, I enjoy manual therapy. When treating patients with a hands-on approach, many of the walls that people put up start to come down. This makes treatment more effective when you understand the patients full being. In our clinic we have 45 minutes of one on one care, which makes the above possible. Upon Initial evaluation of a patient, I try to focus on the biomechanics of their skeleton. If a patient is not biomechanically sound, its difficult for muscles, tendons and other soft tissue to function appropriately. The foundation of therapy therefore consists of manual mobilizations to restore accessory movements, and establish level and symmetrical bony landmarks. These mobilizations are followed up with a home exercise program to help maintain the alignment achieved in the clinic. Treatment can now focus on stabilization and core strengthening to prevent the patient’s condition from occurring again. Patient symptoms can still be addressed with soft tissue techniques and modalities, but overall, the focus is working toward the cause of the patient’s condition. Finally the goal of therapy can be achieved, to return the patient to functional and recreational activities in a pain free and safe way. Through all this evaluation and treatment process, a strong therapist/patient relationship has developed. This relationship Is not one where only the patient reaps the benefits. I have been taught so much and blessed abundantly by those I have treated. My patients have helped shape me into the person I am today. – Barb Mirandette, PT @ our 3 Mile Office
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