Joe’s Journey : A PT’s Tale!

Joe Witte is my name, healing people is my game. I have been a physical therapist since 1978 with over 37 years of clinical experience. I have developed an approach which primarily utilizes an array of manual therapy techniques such as: cranial-sacral, myofascial, Jin-Shin-Do acupressure, trigger point treatment with strain-counter-strain, and functional indirect. Much of my training has been through Michigan State University School of Osteopathy continuing education department. I am trained in the McKenzie approach for the treatment of back pain and in spine unloading strategies and have been very successful with treating disc problems in the neck and low back.
I also have a certification in the Feldenkrais; a method of somatic education and blend these concepts into how I practice physical therapy. When a patient comes to see me, I try to begin with a goal of calming the entire nervous system and then introduce effortless movement training. If the old postural methods that are not balanced and habitual ways of moving are not changed it is very hard to get new results that are pain free. As we work together, I teach my patients strategies to develop new total body patterns that are easy and automatic. The goal is to get the sub conscious brain to use the body in an organized way spontaneously. That happened when we learned to ride a bike, although you probably don’t remember. Effortless and spontaneous is possible once the body is quiet and relaxed and then begin to move in a new pattern in a gentle way.
Most people don’t realize that manual therapy is a way that is relaxing and quieting to the body. Exercises are slower and more gentle. They use the whole body in order to create an entirely new pattern of movement that is more graceful. There is less focus on the individual painful area and more focus on how the whole body is used to put less effort in the painful area. Efficient use of the skeleton allows less muscle effort and less fatigue. Energy conservation is found and more ability follows. Crazy isn’t it?
I try to provide a Holistic PT approach to offer an alternative way to achieve your goals. If you think that my techniques would benefit you. I work Standale and East Beltline offices! Pick up the phone and give our receptionists a call today!
Joe Witte, PT @ our Standale Location
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