Benefits of Physical Therapy

What are the benefits of physical therapy? We could search the Internet and find web sites that list a variety of reasons for the benefits of physical therapy, usually pretty broad reasons, such as. improvement of mobility and motion or to avoid prescription coeds or surgery. Those are very good reason, but very general. When you realize you need some physical therapy or your doctor says It is what you should do, you can take charge of your injury and look for a physical therapy clinic with trained professionals that will gear your treatment toward you and focus on your needs so that physical therapy will assist you in the way you want it to benefit you! This is a list of benefits patients have expressed:
(I) started therapy because of TMJ pain and right shoulder pain, which kept me awake at night. Huge improvement after first appointment. Pain gone. shoulder stronger, jaw aligned. Bonus. learned new ways to improve posture and relaxation techniques. Progress was slow at the beginning but therapists offered a number of exercises, nearly all of which have helped dramatically. They also adjusted therapies as symptoms changed. am almost completely back to where I was (before surgery) and I didn’t think it was possible. I had anxiety when I first arrived but soon felt very relaxed ton my first visit. Therapy was fantastic and helped me to gain strength and mobility in my shoulder. When I came the first week. I was assured rd be walking and nearly back to normal in a few short weeks. I was skeptical, but he was right! My pain that I have had since I was in my 20s is gone. I was given and excellent at home plan for me to work on.
If you require the assistance of a physical therapist. set goals that you would like to achieve so that you can have the greatest benefit of physical therapy. Notice again what the patients above benefited from: aligned Jaw, bonus posture techniques. exercises that helped dramatically, strength and mobility in my shoulder, walking, pain is gone! just as they have expressed specific benefits, you, too, will be able to articulate your benefit after you take charge of your Injury and seek a physical therapist that listens to your desire. What wiU be your greatest benefit after seeking physical therapy?
.Gina Mast. PTA @ our Standa le Office
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