An Outside Look

My name is Forrest and I am the marketing intern for Comprehensive this spring semester. Stepping into this role, I knew very little about physical therapy. Some of my friends had gone through physical therapy after injuries or in recovering from surgeries, but that was the only time I put any stock in what physical therapy did for people. I never considered it being helpful for chronic pain or improving the quality of someone’s life. It was just the thing you did to get better after you hurt yourself. I think this is a view many people hold about physical therapy and no amount of life changing stories seem to push the perception aside. After all, these stories seem to be about the exceptions, not the rule. I suspected I would see more of the reality that physical therapy is once I started working at Comprehensive, and that is exactly what I’ve seen. To my surprise though, it wasn’t a minority of people happy with their care, but the majority. Better than that, I haven’t heard a single person come through that wasn’t pleased with their care. The only frustration I’ve witnessed has been over billing which is more of a reflection on the mess that insurance is than on the care they received. All of the patients that I have interacted with over the past several months have had positive things to say about their experience at Comprehensive. Now I don’t mean to put forth a white washed view of therapy where everyone that walks through the door is magically healed. There’s no magic to it and it is clear that many of the patients are recovering from some tough stuff. But the hope that comes from recovery is not false. When you read stories about people feeling like theyve gotten their lives back simply because they started therapy, it can seem too good to be true. But there is something to it. As a good friend of mine that went though physical therapy once told me, you don’t realize how much pain you’re in until it stops.” It can sometimes seem easier to muddle on in your current condition than it is to face the problem, but that will never resolve anything. If I’ve learned anything from the past months, it’s that living life half way isn’t enough. We have the ability have a more satisfying life but that requires taking care of ourselves and sometimes reaching out for help. This can take all kinds of forms, but one that shouldn’t be dismissed is physical therapy. – Forrest Davis, Marketing Intern @ Comprehensive Physical Therapy
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