A letter from Ryan: The Invaluable Lesson

Dear CPTC Followers and Friends,

Hello there, it’s Ryan! This past Summer | have had the privilege of learning so many things
while interning in several of your offices but there is one thing that you all have taught me
above all ese, Value. Now this might sound a lttle precarious and maybe even a little
redundant, because sure, Im sure the intern got something of value out of his internship. But
let me explain!

‘Coming into this internship | had only spent real time looking at the money in business, as it
leads everywhere. However, you at CPTC taught me that there is something that is
increasingly more important than the price something costs; its the value that you are to
someone else. Whether or not you know it, we all have value! Some as medical professionals
that keep others on our feet, and some of us as patients who need a good pick-me-up

Regardless, we all have some innate value. That is an invaluable lesson that you all at CPT
have taught me staff and patients alike. Sometimes its allright to help someone simply
because it’s the right thing to do, it might be hard or unpopular, but it reminds me of a quote
from a speaker | once heard. “Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong, doesn’t matter who’s
looking’, and this is something that | truly believe that Comprehensive Physical Therapy
Center does and values above all else. They’re loyalty to their patients is astounding and
something that has taught me just as much about the business world as any textbook or
other experience could!

Thank You for A Great Summer,

  • Ryan Stiteler, CPTC Marketing Intern Summer ‘16