A Comprehensive Coincidence: How a car incidence gave me my calling!

I owe everything I am today to physical therapy. Not just because I work at one of the best physical therapy centers in Grand Rapids. but because physical therapy shaped my life in ways I never would have expected. MI because of a car accident on a very busy M-115 in Cadillac. MI. It was May 2008, I’m not sure of the exact day but I do remember that it was a few days after my 16th birthday. I was all excited to get my drivers licence and hit the road, gain my freedom and become a real adult. One day, my mother and I decided to stay a little longer than normal at the barn with the horses finally getting in the car and heading home. Our house was about 2.3 miles from where we boarded the horses and the trip was usually pretty quick. I remember laughing and talking with my mom about something that was going to happen in school that upcoming Monday when suddenly I looked up and found myself looking straight at another car in our lane…coming straight for us. “Morn, watch out!” I remember yelling-despite the instant realization that we were about to hit head on. I remember closing my eyesbut not not feeling anything besides the sensation of being thrown forward and the eerie sound of metal scraping against metal that still sends shivers down my spine today. The next thing I know, I’m face to face with a windshield and unable to move. I was trapped in the car from the dashboard down. It’s a miracle I’m still alive. The collision ended up trapping me in the car for about an hour and a half and resulted in me being cut out with the jaws of life and airlifted to a Traverse City hospital. Thankfully, we both survived the ordeal. The dashboard had clipped and pulled my kneecap back so far that the tendon and the ligament ripped clean off from the bone. I was in a wheelchair for a bit and then on crutches, and then found myself in physical therapy. The treatment took all summer, with a lot of bribery from my therapists to do my home exercises to build up my strength. Every week I would look forward to having a chat with my therapist for 30 minutes while he distracted me from the pain that I was feeling. I refused to have surgery the entire time. choosing instead the kind nature and constant encouragement of the Cadillac Physical Therapy Center instead. It was around the time when I moved to Grand Rapids when I felt the call to serve people who were in pain. I knew that I wanted to bring joy to those individuals and be part of the healing process even if it was indirectly. My calling was to simply bring joy to those who were in pain and help the get on the pathway to healing. It was at that time when I found Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center. Remembering how great the therapists in Cadillac were to me and how they took the time to make my healing process enjoyable, I wanted to be part of a company just like that and I was lucky enough to find one that exceeded my expectations. Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center is a facility that always puts their patients first above all else. They take extra time with their patients and build a true relationship with every single person that walks through that door and are sure to form a real relationship with them. Doing this. improves treatment as we come up with a personal fitness plan that fits your needs so that you optimize your time with us and heal faster. As the marketing director, I get the privilege of working hard with our staff and contacts to reach out to potential patients like you, and spread the awareness of how great Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center really is. l am now part of the cog of what makes our physical therapy center truly great and its a dream come true. Coming into work every day with the potential to make a drfference in someone’s life, even though it is indirectly is an honor and privilege. Its strange to think about how everything all fits in together, but I am here today because of my car accident. Had I not been in that car that fateful day. I would never have known how truly incredible the physical therapy field can be, never gm ng me the initiative to seek out a job in the field and then finding this esteemed establishment. Looking back. I smile and remember the experiences I had that opened my eyes to the world of physical therapy so that I can be part of the process that so many people need. If you are looking for a physical therapy center that truly cares about you. and your treatment we’re your people! So. what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and find out when you can get in to see us today! Can’t wait to see you in our office! – Annie Hanson, Marketing Director @ Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center
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